Gregory Brant
Cell: 619-804-2993
San Diego, California
            Summary of Qualifications
u  Over 3 years of professional experience as a 3D artist, with Artist credit on 6 shipped retail games
u  Excels at visualizing levels with minimal concept or art direction to create large detailed environments
u  Critical thinker who is great at fixing problems with a strong technical ability manage assets and resources
u  Quick to learn new techniques, applications, and technology
u  Strong polygonal modeling skills with a foundation in traditional art and an eye for detail in silhouette and form
u  Self motivated and proactive work ethic with attention to detail, and a high standard for quality
u  Great team player who is flexible and enjoys sharing or receiving ideas and assets
u  Goal and deadline oriented with an acclimation to meeting strict industry time lines and standards

            Software / Technical Knowledge
u  Maya (9+ years experience)
u  Max (6+years experience)
u  Photoshop (15+ years experience)
u  ZBrush, MudBox, NDo2, CrazyBump
u  Unreal Engine (2004, UT3, GoW Editor, UDK)
u  AlienBrain, UberSVN, and TortoiseSVN
u  Construct 2, GameMaker, Unity
u  3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP dev kits
u  Papaya Studio: 2008 – 2011
                        3D Artist –  Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, Ben10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction,
                        Disney Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales, Ben10 AlienForce: Vilagax Attacks, Disney Toy Story Mania!
Responsibilities: Work with Art Director to meet design goals
Manage large environments from greybox to fully shippable levels within a strict timeframe
Model, texture, and light large architectural and natural environments as well as set pieces
Hand paint textures to match a specific style, and create foliage using cards
Paint particle effect textures, and create emitters using Papaya's engine's particle system
Create special effects using animated meshes, UV scrolling, and particle systems
Light environments by baking in vertex lighting, and hand painting vertex lighting
Manage large scenes and areas to be cross platform compatible while retaining visual fidelity
Work on multiple branches for cross platform development in AlienBrain
Optimize scenes for PSP/PS2 to run at desirable frame rates within memory limitations
Create normal and specular maps for PS3/360 fidelity
Test work on dev kits ensure consistent platform quality
Assist and mentor new artists in modeling, texturing, optimization, and technical issues

u Blue-Sun Design: 2001 - Present
                        Owner – Independent contractor for design and consultation
Model and render, or paint, 2D sprites to be used in Construct 2 engine to create HTML5 based games
Create art assets and scripts for various small unreleased mods
Provide outsourced arts to individuals and small development teams
Design, create, and manage websites
Create Letterhead, logos, fliers, and other graphic design work   

u  Team Spectacle: 2008
                        Assistant Project Lead – Operation Pre-Dawn
                        Environment and Level Design Lead
Responsibilities: Model and texture environments and set pieces
Create foliage using cards to be used in exterior and interior environments
Create BSPs, Terrain with deco layers, lights, and import static meshes in Unreal
Create shader networks, particle effects, and texture effects in Unreal
u  2005-2008: Bachelors of Science; Game Art and Design
The Art Institute of California: San Diego San Diego, CA
Graduated with Honors, Awarded Most Outstanding Game Art and Design Student Winter 2008