Independent Development

Substance Designer Experimenting

I modeled and textured this pool table using Maya to create the high and low poly models, and then substance to bake the normal map and create the PBR materials.

Where's My Cake? - Gameboy Color Game

GameBoy Color Home Brew made for a game jam


I worked with a programmer in Korea who goes by the name Cabbage ( to put together this game for a week long game jam for which we placed first in three of four catagories including best game for the game jam,

This game is playable on the Game Boy Color, or on a Game boy Color Emulator
(this link will start a download of the rom if you want to download it and play it,

Sci Fi Hallway

This low poly modular hallway was made using one 1024 palette texture, and a 512 decal sheet with a different decal in each channel, I also added lit and created the effects for the scene.

Catastrophy - TurboGrafx 16 game

This is a game coded using a C library called "HuC" for play on the TurboGrafx-16 16-bit system. I am using Cosmigo's ProMotion NG, PhotoShop, and Gimp to create the pixel art, and implementing the art using C. 

This is an example of one level from the game, what we call the vacuum level "Carpet Cleaning Conundrum"

SabreQuest - a Japanese style RPG

Created in Construct 2 with additional HTML5 and JSC

Example of Gameplay Systems:

Tilemap and sprite example (created in PhotoShop)